Suicide attempt and related factors among referring to Ali Ebn-e Abitaleb hospital in during Rafsanjan 2006-2007



  Background and Objectives: Suicide is a major health problem and causes massive number of mortality an nualy. It's expected that in 2020 one death per 20 second due to Suicide will occur. So it's necessary to reduce mortality by prevention of this social intricate.   The aim of this study was to investigate suicide attempt and its related factors among referring to Ali EbN Abitaleb Hospital in Rafsanjan during 2006-2007.   Material and Methods: In this cross-sectional study which undertaken during Sep 2006 to Sep 2007 all suicidal cases that referred to emergency center of Ali Ebn Abitaleb Hospital in Rafsanjan were surveyed. The patient and their companions were interviewed using a questionnaire regarding epidemiological characters and etiology of suicide. Data were analyzed by SPSS software and descriptive, χ2 and Fisher Exact test.   Results: Of 269 patients, 53.2% was male, 60.8% single, most of them were urban and unemployed. Of them 44.7% had high school education,78.4% of suicides were done by drugs and 17.5% by agricultural poisons. The most reason of suicide was family related difficulties (55.4%).   Conclusion: The result of this study showed high frequency of suicide in unemployed men with family challenges. So family consulting and unemployment are highlighted.